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Welcome to the home of the Muscogee Long Rifles on the Web! 

June News

June Shoot
Members of the Club have spoken! We will have our "SALAD SHOOT" Saturday June 9.  Members will string sets of  "5 Vegs" of different sizes and explode them. Just  a FUN SHOOT with lot's of mess! Most have shot this match before. Come and enjoy Breakfast and Lunch,$15, with a bunch of Friendly Guys and Gals!

July Monthly Shoot
The same Members decided to have a "MEAT SHOOT", at the "expense" of the Club,
Saturday 14', second weekend, Not sure how or what, but everyone will take home something! Breakfast and Lunch included!

May Shoot News
A beautiful Saturday, with 13 Rifles shooting a 5 target match.  Chuck had most shooters finished by Lunch, with a easy pace too. Truly a Fun and Enjoyable time. The Day started very SLOW, Ms Becky's full breakfast and Ken's early coffee helped  speed things up. Ms Beckey served a Great Lunch. A meeting after, we discussed the State Shoot and decided on June and July. Also, thanked those that got our Range
ready for this shoot.  We had 17 attending this shoot. Thanks to those that stayed after meeting , scored targets and put things back in place! Most got their scores before they left. I think scores were up also. Scores will be posted at June Shoot.


H.B. Aderhold, President  HB.Aderhold@Yahoo.com
706 570 6796  



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