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January 2017 News

January Shoot
The 1st shoot of 2017 will be Saturday, January 14th. We will start at the usual time. Targets to be decided at shoot time. Prizes will be left over frozen prizes from November Turkey Shoot. Fee, $15 includes lunch.
Ms Becky is in charge of lunch. Chuck will be Range Officer with help as he will shoot also. There will be a limit on number and type of prizes per shooter. There are ample prizes for everyone. Need to cut off freezer!
We will have our annual Club meeting after lunch and will finish shooting until all prizes are gone.
All the above depends on number of shooters in ATTENDANCE and WEATHER.  Heaters and fire barrels will be in place if needed.  Remember to pay Club Dues for 2017. 

Other News
The Club would like to THANK everyone for making the November Turkey Shoot a great success.  The work started long before November. I would like to personally thank those people that spent many hours and weekends and their own funds to to make this event a success. THANK YOU !!!
Hope everyone enjoyed all the holidays. My family, including me, had a Great Time, all three weekends were lots of people, 25 to 35, lots of food and deserts.
A note on the other side:  Stan Willis lost his home the night before Thanksgiving. It's being rebuilt.   We had two deaths in my family.   Wayne Mitchell lost his Father.   Bobby Grant's wife, Mary, is not well. My PRAYER LIST is quite long, includes club members and friends.

HB. Aderhold   

Unless otherwise noted, all monthly shoots are held on the 2nd Saturday of each month.

H.B. Aderhold, President  HB.Aderhold@Yahoo.com


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