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August News

August Shoot

Saturday, August 11, is the Club's next scheduled shoot. This will be a Blanket Shoot as decided at the July Shoot. Place a $15 or more value item on the table. Should be item that a muzzle-loader would like to have, or anything, how about a tool! Highest score gets first choice and lowest gets last item. Everyone wins something. $15 range fee covers food and targets.

July Shoot News
Great shoot, hot weather in spite of three or more fans, We finished early after a good lunch and meeting. Some left early and I'm not sure everyone got a prize. Welcome new member James Grant. Neal and Brenda are back after their health ordeal!   
Top Scores: Offhand in order:  
Chuck,  Don and  Charlie R..    Greybeard:   Jim,  David and Billy.  Great Shooting.   13 shoot for Score and 18 in attendance.
Discussed Turkey shoot; Lots of enthusiasm, some changes in program. Items as of now for raffle: 1 rifle, 1 hunting knife, 1 patch knife, 1 campfire set, books and 2 box's. I sure more items will be donated.

Jim Fleming will build a hunting knife, with engraving , to be awarded to the Club Member with the Highest Score for the year " 2019", details to follow early January!  More programs to come in Youth Events!


H.B. Aderhold, President  HB.Aderhold@Yahoo.com
706 570 6796  



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