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August 2016 News

August Shoot

Saturday, August 13 is the club's next scheduled shoot. Please be here early if you can so we can avoid the weather if HOT. Shooting a four target match worked great for the July Shoot and we will do it again in August. If the weather is good, we just may add a couple more just to please everyone. What do y'all think? Just kidding! We will have lots of fans to make everyone comfortable. Lunch midday and meeting to start discussing several things that we need accomplished by November.

July Shoot News
We had an enjoyable shoot and the weather was hot as expected. All targets were posted at beginning and we shot until every one was finished. Becky served a fabulous lunch. Ken installed much needed vents near the ceiling in the Brown Shack. Please put Bobby's wife and Chuck's mother on your prayer list. Hope to see all visitors and new members at the August Shoot.
HB. Aderhold              

H.B. Aderhold, President  HB.Aderhold@Yahoo.com


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