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January News

January Monthly Shoot

Saturday  January 16 -  Middle of Month

We moved our regular second Saturday to the third Saturday to allow more time for those traveling to recoup.

Hope everyone is well.  There are Members that were unable to attend November's Turkey Shoot because of the Cov19 and other problems. We pray for them and their families and hope that we see them soon.


January 16 - Shoot will be a standard Shoot.     Hope to start by 9:00

There will be    ---          NO Breakfast.    ---        Lunch has been planed.

Please wear a MASK and  SOCIAL DISTENCING Will be in order. A prize for the year's top attendance and scores will be announced. Please bring Club Dues ($65) or mail them in.




Weather was good, mask were worn, 29 registered shooters , families and friends.  All had wonderful day and won prizes in the events. The hourly Raffle was enjoyed.  We drew for top 3 Prizes , winners were:

Thomas McClinton - Shooting Box,  Second Prize- Thomas again-

Large Bouie Knife,  Third Prize , Shooting Bag -  Joe Lamb.

Bar- B- Q- Dinner with lots of side dishes was enjoyed by a crowd with a hot "Friendship Fire" after the meal. 

THANKS to JERRY & JOHN BUSH and their Family.

BROWN SHACK'S  Breakfast, Lunch and lots of goodies. John also cooked B-B-Q at home. They put together all food including Saturday night meal. Thanks to Suzanne and other Ladies that helped.

Patty Green -  Registering , behind Plexiglas screen. No money was handled, every thing purchased with $ 1 tickets. 

Chuck , Range Officer, THANKS You did a great job and one that

helped also.  Entire Shoot event went very smoothly.

Thanks again Jerry & John for taking control and putting shoot on.

HB Aderhold


H.B. Aderhold, President  HB.Aderhold@Yahoo.com
706 570 6796  



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